Healthy and tasty Lebanese food, based mostly on vegetarian dishes, like the falafel and couscous. The marinated Shawarma meat from chicken or beef has been prepaired according to all the Muslim traditions. At Habibi restaurant they do not serve any alcohol. We recommend you to choose a refreshing youghurt drink mixed with water, salt and fresh mint with your dinner, or any of their natural fruit juices or teas.

Address:Street Gran De Gràcia 7 08012

Area: Gràcia

Phone:+34 93 2179545

Opening times:MON-FRI 1PM-1AM SAT2PM-4.30PM 8PM-2AM

Cuisine: Traditional , Lebanese

Type: Restaurant

How to get there:
Closest station: FGC provenza L7
Other stations: FGC Gracia L7 diagonal L5 L3