A narrow and small but great restaurant! Very professional staff with detailed explanaitions of each plate. Good and interesting wine list. Surprising extras like the olive-oil tasting, a shot cauliflower soup with herring eggs or the sweet and sour layers of coconut and hibiscus flower foam. Try the daily tasting menu (the only menu there is) for 65 EUR consisting of 2 starters, 2 second courses, 1 fish plate, 1 meat plate and 2 desserts, magnificent and well presented.

Address:Street Corsega 537

Area: Gràcia, Eixample

Phone:+34 93 4358048

Opening times:TUE-SAT 1.30-3.30PM 8.30PM-11PM

Cuisine: Fusion, Modern , Mediterranean

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: exclusive fashion

How to get there:
Closest station: sagrada familia L2 L5
Other stations: verdaguer L4 L5 joanic L4