El Bistrot de Sants





An elegant restaurant in the Hotel Barceló Sants, where the head chef, Carles Gaig, is specifically eager on following the Mediterranean flavors of the seasons. This leads to a menu where you can find game in the beginning of the year, such as deer, partridge, pheasant, hare, wild boar continuing with seafood and fish of the day, in summer and mushrooms such as truffles in autumn. The gran final, is the traditional Catalan _Escudella _and_ Carn d'olla_, that is served for christmas. A dish that requires long preparation. Different kinds of meat, potatoes, chickpeas and cabbage, are being boiled together and served as a clear soup with pasta as a starter and a stew as a second.

Address:Pl. Països Catalans s/n, Estació de Sants, Barceló Hotel Sants 08014

Area: Eixample

Phone:93 5035300

Opening times:MON-SAT 1PM-4PM 8.30PM-11.30PM

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: Very comfortable

How to get there:
Closest station: sants estacio L3 L5
Other stations: tarragona L3 entenca L5

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