La Bodega





The entrence of La Bodega restaurant is still kept in its original style, as the entrence of an old wine cellar. Though the dining room is more normal it is still a restaurant with a lot of character. Offers traditional Catalan cuisine and is famous for its desserts, like the buñuelos de manzana. Examples from the menu are starters like the toasted tomatoe bread with garlic and olive oil that you eat with different kind of sausages, _embutidos_ or the raw cod, _Esqueixada_. As a main course they can offer you cod, prepared in twelve different ways or different types of stews, such as the pig´s feet stew with Catalan _Samfaina_.

Address:Plaça Molina 2 08006

Area: Gràcia, Eixample

Phone: 93 2378434 , 93 2177185

Opening times:MON-SAT 1.15PM-4PM 8.30PM-12AM

Cuisine: Traditional , Catalan

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: Classic, terrace

How to get there:
Closest station: FGC plaza molina L7
Other stations: FGC Pádua L7 fontana L3